The Exbury Egg makes its final stop in Hastings!

Stephen Turner's giant Exbury Egg will be on display in the gallery courtyard at the Jerwood Gallery, Hastings from 16th Sep - 15th Oct, accompanied by his acclaimed exhibition everything comes from the egg.  The exhibition is free, and families and kids are welcome to visit, and pick up their FREE KIDS' ACTIVITY GUIDE!  . 

To celebrate the final leg of the Egg's 2017 tour, we commissioned comic artist and musician Orson Coupland to produce a cartoon strip featuring The Exbury Egg, its creator Stephen Turner, and a young visitor who is transported to the Egg on the back of a seagull!

Who better to help us encourage local families to visit, we wondered, than the very inspiring Orson, who lives in Hastings, and who at the age of 14, has been making drawings, illustrations and cartoons since he was old enough to hold a crayon!  Read more about his work here.

egg spread_web.jpg